Your Instagram Photos – 2/13/12

Today is the first blog post featuring your Instagram ballet photos!

All the photos featured today were uploaded by fans of Ballet Zaida using the iPhone app Instagram, and tagged with #BalletZaidaIgers

There was hundreds of submissions to choose from, and I was blown away by the talent and artistry from all the fans who contributed. It was really interesting to see all the different dancers from different places all over the globe. If you haven’t checked out the photos, I’d highly recommend taking a look. Just search the tag #BalletZaidaIgers on Instagram.

Today’s photo selection and commentary is done by me, the founder and photographer of Ballet Zaida, Oliver. And also my sister Alanna, who is the Social Media / Creative Consultant for Ballet Zaida. Here’s the shots that really stood out to us, and why we like them.

Instagram username: Calley_marie

These shots of Calley_marie showcase excellent ballet technique. Her positions are clean, long, and elegant. - Oliver  

Calley_marie has clean lines & straight legs, her postions are great! - Alanna

Instagram username: Gabistone

The lighting and atmosphere are just beautiful, love it! – Alanna 

The colors in this shot are great. The mix of red and black with a hint of pink and white, and that golden sun backlighting her hair is perfect. – Oliver 

Instagram username: Sophcrow

Sophcrow’s “Kitri” jump in this shot is great. Her feet are nicely shaped and pointed, her legs are straight, her jump is high, and her line is excellent. – Oliver  

This is a great “Kitri” jump! Sophcrow’s lines are clean, and the photographer timed it just right and got a great capture! – Alanna

Instagram username: Sarahleeroes

This is very cute! I love that the shoes are dead, it adds atmosphere. – Alanna

I think this shot is very fun, I love the subtle editing choice used on it. – Oliver

Instagram username: Stretching3

Stretching3′s jump in this shot is great! She’s making a nice line and she’s got great air. - Oliver

Stretching3 has a beautiful split in the air with a clean postion. I love the lighting she used that makes her silhouetted. – Alanna

Instagram username: Tinapel

This shot captures a city environment, and adds a touch of softness with the elegant arms of the dancer. – Alanna

I think this photo of Tinapel is excellent! Her outfit works well in the urban city, and her postion is very elegant. – Oliver

Instagram username: Misstylerjoy

There’s a lot of things to like about this photo. The dancer is showcasing nice foot shapes, excellent lines with her upper body, and lots of charisma with her pose. The lighting is beautiful, and I like her outfit! Excellent shot Misstylerjoy.  – Oliver

This photo has amazing light! The pose flows very nicely with her arms extending. My eyes follow past her fingertips, and beyond. Very pretty. – Alanna

Instagram username: Luizalopes

I love the view of the theatre with all the dancers on stage taking a warm up class. Beautiful. – Alanna

This photo captures the atmosphere of taking warm up class on stage perfectly. I think the composition used is very clever, showcasing the dancers and also the theatre. – Oliver

Instagram username: Luizalopes

I love the setting and light in this shot. The ballet postion in it is great, and the photo is well composed. – Oliver 

This photo from Luizalopes is just flat out cute. Not only are the ballet positions clean and elegant, but it’s super romantic and has a wonderful atmosphere. – Alanna

Instagram username: Haileygolich

Simple and sweet is what popped into my head when I saw this photo from Haileygolich, lovely colors and setting! – Alanna

I’m a big fan of the environment and colors of this shot. The big power lines in the background really add to the atmosphere and create a nice setting. - Oliver

Instagram username: Andriesdancer

This shot of Andriesdancer has excellent texture. I like her soft arm postion and how her hair falls, leading the viewers eyes down towards her nice foot shape. – Oliver 

In this photo from Andriesdancer the arms are well placed and relaxed, and the front foot shape is lovely! – Alanna

Instagram username: Andriesdancer

With all the dancers standing on the stage waiting, it gives the viewer a glimpse into the life of a dancer. – Alanna

This shot from Andriesdancer is classic. The candid poses of the dancers makes the photo real and puts you right in the moment. The composition is excellent, having the two girls on the side of the photo frames the girls infront of them. This is a wonderful photo. – Oliver

Instagram username: J_carara

I think the brightly colored outfit choice in this shot is cool. Her lines are great, and the setting is fun. – Oliver

The colors pop in this photo from J_Carara. Her pose is simple, yet relaxed. Just lovely. – Alanna

Instagram username: Littlemissballerina

Littlemissballerina‘s position’s are clean and nicely placed, great job! – Alanna

Not only are Littlemissballerina‘s positions clean, but the photos are also nicely composed, and her outfit works well in both shots. Excellent photos Littlemissballerina. – Oliver

Overall, we were both very impressed with all the Instagram submissions so far. The next Ballet Zaida blog post will showcase the ballet photos we receive through E-mail,, Twitter, @BalletZaida, and through the Instagram hashtag, #BalletZaidaIgers

So keep the submissions coming, we can’t wait to see them!

-Oliver & Alanna Endahl.

@OliverEndahl  @AlannaChristina

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